X Artefacts

X Artefacts exhibits ten moments when the invited architects got physically involved in the production, fabrication or implementation of building materials. Prototypes, samples and other artefacts in the exhibition bear witness to these situations, when the architects departed from their role as designers-prescribers to engage in making.

With artefacts by: Alive, Atelier Alain Richard, Atelier De Vylder Vinck Taillieu, BC Architects & Studies, Collectif Dallas, Design with Sense, Karbon, Mamout, Ouest, Rotor.

Équipe curatoriale : Sophie Jacquemin Pauline Lefebvre Victoire Chancel Daniela Salgado Cofré Jean-Philippe PossozAnne-Laure Iger Simon Bertrand

Wouter Van Acker

Wouter Van Acker is Associate Professor of Architectural History and Theory at the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB). He is co-director of hortence, ULB’s research centre for architectural history, theory and criticism. His research focus is the history of epistemology and aesthetics in architecture in the twentieth century.