Accattone #7 out now

Accattone #7 deals with open-air domesticity and the diplomatic hospitality of land. It presents intellectual and architectural projects, both contemporary and historical, for alternative modes of living.

With Costantino Nivola, SNCDA et al. at the Venice Architecture Biennale, Aglaia Konrad, Alice Paris on De Smet Vermeulen, Osamu Ishiyama and Kenji Kawai, TEN, Wim Cuyvers, moilesautresart, DSCTHK, Piovenefabi, Emmanuelle Chiappone Piriou on Superstudio, Carlo Goncalves on Smiljan Radic, The Museum of Mistakes on Arakawa & Gins, and the Zuber panoramic wallpapers.

Editors: Sophie Dars, Carlo Menon, Galaad Van Daele
Editorial design: Orfée Grandhomme & Ismaël Bennani
Copy editing and translations: Patrick Lennon

14 contributions
196 colour pages
24 x 32 cm

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