De Architecte video series part of Archiweek 2022

De Architecte is a video series by Klara (VRT), in collaboration with the Flanders Architecture Institute (VAi). This series came about in the wake of the Wiki Women Design project, which aimed to draw female designers and their contributions to (Belgian) cultural heritage out of the folds of history. The four-part video series De Architecte delves into the world of four pioneering architects and designers – Simone Guillissen-Hoa, Claire Bataille, Marie-José Van Hee, and An Fonteyne – each of them leaving their mark on the Belgian architectural landscape in their own way.

Accompanied by a pile of photos from their careers, the team from Klara and VAi paid these architects a visit. Reminiscing on these memories, they take us into their work and their vision of (interior) architecture.

During Archiweek 2022 (15-23 October), Urban Brussels opens the doors to contemporary architecture in the Brussels Region. De Architecte is taken up in this week’s digital program in order to shed a light on these architects and their work in Brussels and Belgium more broadly.

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The Faculté d’Architecture La Cambre Horta was a partner of the Wiki Women Design project and organised a Wikipedia editing workshop (edit-a-thon) on women who graduated from La Cambre, during the Semaine d’innovation pédagogique of 2021. See the results.

The research for the series was undertaken by Isa Tubbax (Klara, VRT) and Michel D’hoe (hortence). Apolline Vranken (hortence) also gave her input on the episode on Simone Guillissen-Hoa, who she’s researching in the framework of her PhD.

Direction, concept and editing: Steffen Verpoorten〢Camera: Kris Van de Voorde, Anton Van Reempts〢Montage and camera: Michael Lombarts〢Voice-over: Nicky Aerts〢Research: Michel D’hoe〢Production and editing: Isa Tubbax