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Research Associate / Chercheure Qualifiée FNRS

Pauline Lefebvre is FNRS Research Associate at Faculté d'Architecture de l'ULB. Born in Brussels in 1986, she graduated from La Cambre with High Honors in 2010. She then collaborated for two years with the architecture firm MS-A. In 2011-12, she participated in Bruno Latour’s Program of experimentation in arts and politics at SciencesPo Paris, parallel to starting her PhD, which she obtained in 2016. She has been a visiting scholar at Columbia University in New York in 2013 and at EPFL in Lausanne in 2020, and was a postdoctoral BAEF fellow at Columbia University again in 2016-17. Between 2017 and 2021, she was Chargée de recherches FNRS at ULB. She is a founding partner at Æ, an independent research agency. Her research is about the recent encounters between architecture and American pragmatism. Her current investigation aims at understanding architects’ engagements in the run of the design process. She focuses on the architects' relation to materials and on firms who engage more closely with construction. Her research was published in journals such as Clara, Le Philotope, Architecture Philosophy, Footprint, Ardeth, Oase and Architectural Theory Review. She co-directed the third issue of Clara in 2016, authored a book about BC architects & studies published by the Flanders Architecture Institute in 2018 and edited the collective volume "Thinking-Making. Perspectives on the Growing Prominence of Making in Architecture" published by Editions de l'Université de Bruxelles in 2021.

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