Lieven De Boeck – The Archive of Disappearance + Prof. Johnny Golding (RCA London) Book Presentation Data Loam

09.12.2020 at 11am Research Seminar hortence – PhD-through-Practice

Teams :

Wouter Van Acker

Wouter Van Acker is Associate Professor of Architectural History and Theory at the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB). He is co-director of hortence, ULB’s research centre for architectural history, theory and criticism. His research focus is the history of epistemology and aesthetics in architecture in the twentieth century.

“The Archive of Disappearance” is a project that explores the activation of the architecture and the mechanisms of public appearance and disappearance of artworks in the contemporary museum. It seeks – both in the realm of art and architecture – to lead to alternative typologies for presenting or ‘reading’ artworks, in which the physical space or spatial conditions are enhanced with other forms of interaction – introducing text, performance or other media.

Johnny Golding (Professor of Philosophy & Fine Art, and senior tutor at the Royal College of Art, London, UK)
Book Presentation Data Loam

As a reaction to the dominant effect and interpretive authority of the digital, Data Loam combines radical approaches based on positions taken in the international practice of contemporary art. Previously: insistence on indexicality and the instrumental reduction of knowledge. Instead: a new metric that requires play, curiosity, experiment, and risk.