hortence @ EAHN 2022 Madrid

Wouter Van Acker organizes a session with Steven Lauritano
S17 – Untimely Teachers. Recovering Postmodernism’s Anachronic Pedagogies:

Dalibor Vesely and the Model of the Late Baroque – Joseph Bedford
The Return of the Precedent: Reading Perspecta in the 1960s – Michael Kubo
Dientzenhofer as Untimely Teacher: Revisiting Christian Norberg-Schulz’s Research and Teachings on Bohemian Baroque, ca. 1960-1980 – Beata Labuhn
Renaissance Redux: Bramante’s Tempietto in Postmodern Houston – Amanda Reeser Lawrence
Tracing Tacit Knowledge in 1980s Furniture Design Courses at Belgium’s Saint Luke Schools – Benoît Vandevoort

Wouter Van Acker and Lyna Bourouiba present a paper “Debating postmodernism in the ‘third space’ of the CICA” at the POMO interest group meeting on CICA

Véronique Boone and Nina Serulus will present their paper “Eliane Havenith, a Female Gaze for the Architecture Magazine Architecture (19522-1970)?” in S20 on Women in Architectural Periodicals.

EAHN2022 will take place in Madrid, Spain, hosted by the School of Architecture of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid from 15-19 June 2022.