Le Corbusier on Camera: The Unknown Films of Ernest Weissmann by Veronique Boone

The book (Birkhauser, 2024) is based on amateur films, shot by the architect Ernest Weissmann (1903-1985) with a Pathé Motocamera in the years 1929-1933 at, among other places, the Atelier Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret. These films capture moments from Le Corbusier’s life that have never been seen before. It also documents his friendships with Pierre Jeanneret, Lluis Sert, Charlotte Perriand, Norman Rice, Kunio Maekawa, Sigfried Giedion and others.
Across six chapters, the book shows impressive stills from these films and places them in the respective historical and personal context of Le Corbusier in introductory texts. Two introductions are devoted to the history of these pioneering amateur films and to Ernest Weissmann’s life and his life-long relationship with Le Corbusier.