Stanislas Jasinski. Architects’Journeys

Véronique Boone, Maurizio Cohen, Benoît Moritz

Architects’ Journeys is a collection of monographs on architects who left their mark on the built landscape of Brussels after the First World War. The collection focuses on the output of architects whose work is less well known, but their intimate relationships with the city make this survey all the more worthwhile. Each volume highlights a singular career path, both factually and figuratively, revealing the built heritage as well as the little-known and little-studied facets of the capital’s urban history.

The first volume in this series follows the career of Stanislas Jasinski (1901–1978), from the 1920s to 1970. He authored numerous projects, mostly in the Brussels region. Largely preserved and in the public realm, his work reinterprets the theme of the flat block as a typology of the evolution of the city. In addition to his architectural projects, Jasinski wrote many essential articles and texts, testifying to his constant commitment, throughout his career, to the debate on architecture and urban planning. Stanislas Jasinski’s work is definitely worth discovering and appreciating.